Catalyst Sermons

Gospel-Centered Dynamic Preaching

The Naked Truth

Relationships are messy, awkward, and difficult at times. It’s easier when we know God’s truth about our relationships with friends, family, and loved ones.

1/6-5/3- 2019

Prepare the Way

We do a lot of preparing for Christmas but sometimes we forget to prepare the most important thing!

12/2-12/23- 2018

Make Your Mark

A look into the life of Samson on how to live a life that we can make our mark!

11/4-11/25- 2018

No Regerts

What does it mean to truly live a life with no regrets?

9/30-10/28- 2018

The Book of Romans

A walkthrough and dissection of the book of Romans

4/29-9/23- 2018

People of the Second Chance

Our value in God’s eyes does not come from what we’ve done in the past, but who we can be in Him.

4/1-4/22- 2018

Practical Atheist

When we say we believe in God but we refuse to listen to His Word then we are a practical atheist.


ABC's to Financial Freedom

How we should handle our finances in the light of a perfect God.



Hope. What is it, how do we get it, and why do we need it?


Star Wars

Jesus in the Star Wars Series.