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No Perfect People Allowed


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One Off Message: The Shepherd


Sermon on the Mount

Join us as we follow along Jesus first sermon of his adult ministry.

4/28/19- 6/30/19

ONE: Where the dark meets the light

ONE is a series traveling through Jesus’ final week on earth. During his last week Jesus used various conversations and experiences to completely change the perspective of those following him.


The Naked Truth

Relationships are messy, awkward, and difficult at times. It’s easier when we know God’s truth about our relationships with friends, family, and loved ones.

1/6-5/3/10 2019

Prepare the Way

We do a lot of preparing for Christmas but sometimes we forget to prepare the most important thing!

12/2-12/23- 2018

Make Your Mark

A look into the life of Samson on how to live a life that we can make our mark!

11/4-11/25- 2018

No Regerts

What does it mean to truly live a life with no regrets?

9/30-10/28- 2018

The Book of Romans

A walkthrough and dissection of the book of Romans

4/29-9/23- 2018

People of the Second Chance

Our value in God’s eyes does not come from what we’ve done in the past, but who we can be in Him.

4/1-4/22- 2018

Practical Atheist

When we say we believe in God but we refuse to listen to His Word then we are a practical atheist.


ABC's to Financial Freedom

How we should handle our finances in the light of a perfect God.



Hope. What is it, how do we get it, and why do we need it?


Star Wars

Jesus in the Star Wars Series.