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The Minister Still Makes Disciples

Scott Haulter, Lead Pastor

That’s Not My Job

When I began the preparations for planting a church 9 years ago I came to the realization that I knew almost no one who wasn’t already introduced to Jesus. It was a harsh reality. I thought I wasn’t one of those ministers, but clearly I was and I knew that was something about myself that I needed to change. But how does that happen? When I began following Jesus I knew very few Christians and now, I knew almost no non-Christians.

I have currently been in full time ministry 16 years and I have noticed a trend that is very disturbing to me. Every preacher knows where to find the outline of the job of being the preacher, Ephesians 4:11-13. We are the equippers of our congregation. It is our job to make sure that everyone, who attends the church where God has placed us as the leader, is equipped to make disciples.

So if that is our job, does that mean we are no longer required to make disciples ourselves? I mean, it says pretty clearly in Ephesians what our job is as a minister of the gospel. However, the Great Commission is also pretty clear that it is the job of every follower of Jesus to make disciples of all nations.

Here is the tension. We ministers have forgotten that we are still followers of Jesus. We have become our jobs and have forgotten that we are also followers of Jesus and have to give an account of the disciples we have made, or lack there of.

We expect every person seated on Sunday morning to have a job and still make it a priority to make disciples, which starts with introducing people to the real Jesus. Evangelism is the first part of making a disciple. But if you don’t know any people who aren’t already following Jesus then how are you supposed to introduce anyone new to the faith?

If you don’t manage time it will manage you. I have read it, heard it said and have now lived that truth. I have to be very intentional about my time other wise I will look back and realize I am not where I want to be. I set aside time each week to spend time at a biker bar.  Yes, I said it, a biker bar. Here is another one you might have heard, “If you want to reach people you have never reached you have to go places you have never gone.”  

Now that doesn’t completely apply to me. I grew up in a biker bar, I helped clean it on Sunday mornings when it was closed and I was 6 or 7. Now I am not saying that is the best parenting strategy, but it was the one my mom and step dad used. And now that is where I feel most comfortable. In fact, I feel even more comfortable there than in most churches these days and because of that, I meet people and help introduce them to Jesus.

Everyone needs love, everyone deserves love, but not everyone has experienced love in the most powerful way. The love of Jesus is for everyone and if we, as ministers, don’t remember our responsibilities to the Great Commission, as well as our job, then the world will be changed by other men who refuse to say, “That’s not my job. “


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