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Discipleship #2

Scott Haulter, Lead Pastor

Church planters make sure your goals are Jesus’ goals!!!

The first time I was told by someone that they wanted to become a Christian I was crazy excited. It was my 3 full year of ministry, second church,  and for the first time I got to be a part of someone beginning to follow Jesus. So Brad told me and I began to look around for the minister and realized very quick,  I was the minister. I also realized very fast that I was NEVER taught how to lead anyone to become a Christian in Bible college.  .  . (but that is a whole different story).

So I asked Brad to follow me back to my office so we could talk.  I was stalling, then we got back to my office and my genius finally got going and I got out my bible and opened up to the Great Commission in Matthew. That has to be a great place right? I mean it was the last command Jesus gave to his followers.

Now remember this was my first time and I actually only had verses eighteen and nineteen highlighted in my bible, so that is all I used. But here is the genius right. I began to break down the scripture.

  • Jesus is in charge
  • You must go and make disciples
  • One of the steps is baptism

Now all 5 plus years at bible college; ( I got kicked out of my first bible college, but that also is a different story) no one actually told me but I had been watching and had picked up that the real goal was getting someone baptized. So that was my goal. And I also summoned all of my 1 semester of Greek class to translate the scriptures for Brad to better understand.

I changed to word disciples to Christian so he would better understand.  .  . Genius right? Wrong!!!  Looking back as God opened my eyes through study and some amazing guys God showed me that all Christians are not disciples but all disciples are Christians.

You see the goal that Jesus taught and modeled for his apostles and for you and me still today is to make disciples not Christians. They are NOT the same word for a reason. Even with my semester of Greek I should have known that. But I was never taught.

So let’s look at Matthew 28:18-20 this time a little closer. First, God gave all authority to Jesus and Jesus trusted you and me enough to give us the most important job there has ever been, to make disciples. Second, make disciples, a disciple is a mature Christian.

Someone who can pass on their faith to someone else and then make sure that their student for lack of a better word can help someone else become mature in their faith and pass the faith on.

That is actually the goal, because if Jesus only wanted converts and not mature Christians, I believe, we would not be following Jesus to this day. It takes a mature

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