Youth 6th-12th

Catalyst Student Ministry meets EVERY Sunday night from 5-7 pm at the church offices. Each meeting consists of:

  • A large group game: So that everyone can get involved and loosen up after a long week!
  • A 20 minute lesson: based on relevant topics in the lives of teenagers of today
  • Age and gender appropriate small groups: to discuss the topics further in a safer group.
  • A one vs one challenge game to end our meeting

We also have fun events through out the year like Escape Rooms, Corn Maze, Laser Tag, etc. and we normally have one large event each quarter (CCYC, CIY, beach Retreat, Spring Retreat)

If you have any questions I’d love to talk to you! Text me, email me, call me, send me a letter!

Evan Tanner


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