Our desire is to create excitingkid-friendly environments in which children can explore, make new friends, begin serving others, and learn life-long lessons about our God. Throughout catalystKIDS Children’s Ministry, our goal is that your child will leave with two basic understandings:

  • Church is fun and the people here love me
  • God loves me and I can always rely on Him

We Value Family

At Catalyst, so much of our ministry is done together, as a family!

Kids are welcome at most Connection Groups – they spend time playing together, while their parents participate. In doing so, they witness their parents studying the Word and investing in the lives of others in the group…an opportunity kids rarely have in typical church activities.

In most cases, Catalyst kids serve right along side of adults. They help pick up trash on the high school campus, they serve ice cream in the ice cream truck, they collect snacks to bring to local elementary kids who don’t have enough food, and they’ve hosted a Peanut Butter & Jelly drive for local food banks.

Just like their parents, our kids are globally-focused. Some examples of projects our kids have tackled include, raising money to support “Bite Back,” a ministry providing mosquito nets and vaccines to families in Africa plagued by malaria and collecting toys and shoes for children in Kenya.


Our kids’ ministry classrooms are just down the hall from adult worship. Our catalystKIDS Check-In Table is clearly marked outside of classrooms. There, you’ll find our Children’s Ministry Greeter, ready to get your kids registered…it’s a short, simple process. Then, someone will walk you to the appropriate class – you’re welcome to go with your child to check it out!

Our highest priority is to make sure that your child is safe and secure while in our care.

  • Only those with catalystKIDS badges and parents who are dropping off/picking up kids are allowed past the check-in desk.
  • Background checks are run on all catalystKIDS Ministry Team Members.
  • Although you’re welcome to observe your child’s class at any time, please get a guest badge at the check-in desk before doing so.
  • Children are not permitted to leave the classroom alone, even to walk to the restroom.
  • Our Nursery and Preschool Classes provide snacks (Goldfish or Cheerios), but Kids’ Church typically does not. We also have GF snacks, if necessary.
  • Please let us know if you prefer that your child does not have a snack.
  • We are happy to feed your baby, but please bring formula pre-mixed.
  • Sippy-cups are welcome in the nursery only, but please do not send food from home.
  • Upon checking in, please remind us of any allergies (including environmental allergies, since we may use irritating substances for crafts or science experiments) EVERY TIME you arrive.

It is completely normal for some children to cry when visiting an unfamiliar setting. You can help your child learn essential life skills – like adapting to change and learning to self-soothe – by simply stating where you’ll be and when you’ll return, and then leaving promptly and confidently. (If you look unsure, your child will feel unsure!)

Though you are certainly welcome to stay, we prefer that you allow us to soothe or redirect your child. We will make every effort to comfort your child and engage him in our activity. However, if your child does not stop crying within five minutes, we will contact you via text.

A quiet space and chairs are available inside the Nursery area. Feel free to use them anytime during service. There is also a changing table with wipes, diapers, and other supplies you may need.